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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) And Web Marketing For Care Homes

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Web Marketing for Care Homes

SEO for Care Home Businesses

With so many more elderly folk needing care due to our ageing population, an increasing number of people are actively using search engines, such as Google, to locate information about care home businesses. These people are often the middle-aged children of parents who can no longer support or look after themselves. It is therefore essential that every care home ensures that it has a strong web presence, and through search engine optimisation (known as SEO for short), can be found by the people who are most likely to be in need of the services offered.

When looking for a search engine optimiser, Stockport (South Manchester) based Photon Flux is a good example of a web design and SEO company all under the same roof. Always look for a company that can provide optimisation for any kind of website no matter where in the UK it is or what services the business offers.

Web Marketing and the Internet

Care homes across the UK are using internet marketing to provide information about their services via their company website. However, it should be noted that many are relying on the newer, less targeted methods of getting visitors to their sites. These methods include Facebook groups and pages, Instagram, and a host of other lesser-known platforms.

But by far the most attractive proposition for any marketing efforts is SEO. This is because the people who finally “land” on your company website actually searched for the services and are therefore known as “hot leads”. They are far more likely to be serious about their visit than someone who stumbled on a badly targeted and badly placed facebook advert and clicked the link out of mere curiosity.

You can imagine yourself keying a search term into Google – you know from experience that you can spend a long time checking out the results until you locate the exact information you require. Your effort in searching is a measure of how serious and in need you are of the service you seek.

This applies to the demand for care homes as much (if not more) than it does for any other product or service you can think of.

Getting Care Home Clients through SEO

SEO is therefore the actual act of making changes to your website so that it will show up in the list when a searcher enters a specific keyphrase.

These changes cannot be made by any individual or website owner who has not studied the search algorithms in place on the major engines. Changes to the copy or headings on a page, or other elements such as images and buttons, can dramatically affect the position a site will be listed at within the search engine results page following a query – and make no mistake, the change in position is not always what is wanted!

Paying the Right Price for SEO

SEO takes time, but you should still ensure you’re paying the right price is important, but difficult to achieve. For competitive terms, it can take months to gain rank (meaning show up higher in the listings) as many websites are competing for the same number 1 spot. The higher the number of websites there are who are competing for a search term, the more difficult it is to raise the position of your own. Some of the factors involved in the process of performing SEO involve high costs to the company actually doing the work. These costs include subscriptions to highly technical software packages to keep track of progress and also analyse the competitive level of the space/market the work takes place in. In addition to this, citations and other “off-site” optimisation tasks can also be expensive – and these costs are considered before the actual charge from the web design agency or SEO agency are factored in.

You should also note that as well as trying not to expect results immediately, overall outcomes may not be as successful as you hoped despite the positions gained. Further work may be required to optimise the conversion rate, a measure of how many visitors actually turn into paying customers. Again, this process can take time, and involve testing and changing until the final conversion rate is optimal.

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